Giacinto Scelsi - Volume 3: Music For High Winds

Giacinto Scelsi


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Mode Records - A Record Label Devoted to New Music Volume 10: The Works for Violin

Weiping Lin, violin

1. Divertimento No. 4  (1955) 15:53

2. L’âme ailée – L’âme ouverte    (1973) 7:34

3.Divertimento No. 2  (1954) 12:16  FIRST RECORDING

4.Xnoybis  (1964) 10:05

5.Divertimento No. 3  (1955) 11:04

This is the first complete recording of Scelsi's works for solo violin. They span from the earlier "Divertimenti," in his more traditional virtuoso style, to the two later works which find Scelsi exploring the sound "inside of the note."

Divertimento No. 2 receives its first recording here (Divertimento No. 1 has never been found).

Taiwanese born violinst Weiping Lin is Assistant Concertmaster of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna (RSO-Wien) and a well-respected violinist for contemporary music. Ms. Lin has performed numerous premieres. As a chamber musician and soloist Ms. Lin has performed numerous concerts in countries throughout Europe and Asia, playing with ensembles such as Ensemble Modern, Ensemble die reihe, Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert, Ensemble EIS and Zur Eisernen Zeit.

The recording was produced by Scelsi specialist Sharon Kanach.

Liner notes by Walter Weidringer.



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