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Burkhard Stangl studied classical guitar, later mostly electric guitar; cultural anthropology, musicology (thesis about the effects of the phonograph on cultural anthropology); founder of the advanced jazz ensemble Ton.Art (1985-1995) and the new music chamber ensemble Maxixe (1991), member of polwechsel and efzeg, duo with christof kurzmann (Schnee) and Dieb 13 (eh). Composed works for choir, piano, chamber music (Maxixe, Klangforum Wien...); opera-project "moon of Venus" together with the poet Oswald Egger (1997-2002). Lives in Vienna. Performed and recorded with Sam Bennett, John Butcher, Gene Coleman, Tom Cora, Thomas Chapin, Eugene Chadbourne, Tony Coe, Werner Dafeldecker, Kevin Drumm, efzeg, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Christof Kurzmann, Franz Koglmann, Steve Lacy, Radu Malfatti, Walter Malli, Max Nagl, Sainkho Namtchylak, Olga Neuwirth, Polwechsel, Dean Roberts, Ned Rothenberg, Jim O'Rourke, Anthony Braxton, Gunter Schneider, Taku Sugimoto, Tom Varner and others. Recorded on hatART, Random Acoustics, morr music, extraplatte, durian records, knitting factory works, quell rec, erstwhile etc.

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