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Henning Lohner was raised in California to German emigrant parents. He returned to Germany to complete studies in musicology, art history and romanic languages, graduating from Frankfurt University in 1987. During this time, composer Iannis Xenakis became Lohner's life-long mentor. In 1988, while working as assistant to composer Karlheinz Stockhausen on his opera Licht at La Scala in Milano, Stockausen introduced Lohner to the medium of video and film. Subsequently, Lohner began working both as musical advisor and apprentice director for Louis Malle (1989-90, on the film May Fools, starring Michel Piccoli). Henning Lohner has since focussed on both the sonic and visual media. Collaborations with Frank Zappa on Peefeeyatko (1991) and The Yellow Shark (1992) and with John Cage on One11 led to the music films The Revenge of the Dead Indians (1993) and In a Metal Mood (1996, starring Pat Boone). In 1996 Lohner became member of the film composers group founded by Hans Zimmer and has since been working and living in Los Angeles and Berlin, having recently scored such films as Incident at Loch Ness (starring Werner Herzog) and The Ring Two (starring Naomi Watts).

Frank Zappa introduced Henning Lohner and Van Carlson to each other: the year 1989 marks the beginning of a unique friendship and creative partnership that through today produces video and film art. Their on-going video picture show raw material is in exclusive engagement with Galerie Springer & Winckler from Berlin, and can be seen on occasion in galleries and museums around the globe.

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