Jean-Paul Dessy

Jean-Paul Dessy

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Jean-Paul Dessy (b.1963 in Huy, Belgium) is a composer, cellist, conductor and artistic director of the ensemble Musiques Nouvelles. What he calls “acting as a musician” links the sacred and the profane without confusing them, in an intimate journey in search of a common and shared listening experience. He has directed over 100 performances worldwide and almost 200 diverse works of contemporary music as the conductor of the Wallonia Chamber Orchestra or the ensemble Musiques Nouvelles. From Scelsi to Radulescu, Bartholomée to Kissine or Lutoslawski to Piazzolla, he continues to open new paths: Murcof, Vénus, An Pierlé, Pierre Rapsat, David Linx, DJ Olive, Scanner … An expanding and changing universe where, in his own words, the music is “untemporary” rather than contemporary, acknowledging multiple bonds beyond epochs and genres.

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