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Maria de Alvear is of German-Spanish descent and was born in 1960 in Madrid, Spain. She studied harpsichord, piano and composition in both Spain and Germany. In 1986 she finished her studies in "Neues Musiktheater (New Music Theatre) at the Köln Musikhochschule with Professor Mauricio Kagel. She has undertaken musico-ethnological research in places such as America, Scandinavia, Russia (Siberia) and North Africa. In 1992, she received the Bernd Alois Zimmermann award.

Since 1990 she has been a pupil of Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo (Cherokee Nation) and Rahkweeskeh (Tuscarora Nation) in the USA. She works in interdisciplinary and multimedia contexts as well as in the field of visual arts. She has participated in many concerts, installations and performances worldwide, as well as television and radio productions (CBC Canada, Arte, TV Espanola, Deutschlandradio, Deutsche-Welle, Schweizerischer Rundfunk, Hessischer Rundfunk, SWR). Maria has also been involved in numerous CD and video productions and art exhibitions. In 1998 she founded the publishing company World Edition. She lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

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