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Tim Chu

A native New Yorker, Tim Chu's visual work has often been intertwined with music. He studied Engineering, Music and Fine Art at Columbia University, continuing his studies in direction and cinematography at New York University. His films include Adagio, film with Bruckner's Adagio movement from the 9th Symphony (1988), and Prelude to Parsifal (1989, winner of the Special Jury Prize, UNESCO Festival du Film d'Art), Justice, documentation of the performance of Roger Reynolds' work from the Theatre Olympics Festival, Shizuoka Japan (1999), Revolutions (2000, video for Modebus, Vienna, Austria), and Four Walls, for performance with John Cage's work of the same name (2003). Installations and multi-media works include Wagner (associated with Wagnerian Motifs, Gold Bar, New York City, 1994), and Graz is Always Greener on the Other Side (1997, music by Glenn Branca, Graz, Austria).

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